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N3804AB3   1/4" Narrow Crown Stapler, 1/2" - 1-1/2" x 18 Gauge
B13F   10" Drill Press with Laser
LS1016L   10" Dual Slide Compound Miter Saw with Laser
1292630   11-525 - Carpet Knife Blade
0500603   11-921 - 5-Pack 1992® Heavy Duty Utility Blades
0428482   11-921A - 100-Pack 1992® Heavy Duty Utility Blades with Dispenser
0500546   11-961 - 5-Pack Regular Hook Blade
IM250A   16 Gauge 2-1/2" Angled Cordless Finish Nailer
IM200F18   18 Gauge Cordless Brad Nailer
GR152CM   2 HP Compressor, 2.0 GAL tank
NR90AD   3-1/2" Clipped Head Framing Nailer
NR90GC   3-1/2" Gas Powered Clipped Head Framing Nailer
N5008AC   7/16" Standard Crown Stapler, 1" - 2" x 16 Gauge
AS005   AccuSharp Camouflage Knife Sharpener AS005
AS001   AccuSharp Knife and Tool Sharpener AS001
AS008   AccuSharp OD Green Knife and Tool Sharpener AS008
AS003   AccuSharp Replacement Blades AS003
AS004   AccuSharp Sturdy Mount Knife Sharpener AS004
NT65MA2   Angled Finish Nailer, 15-Gauge Angled Finish Nails
AS007   AugerSharp Ice Auger Sharpener AS007
BJV180Z   Bare-Tool Makita BJV180Z 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Jig Saw (Tool Only, No Battery)
BW4   BoWrench BW-4 Tongue and Groove Cam Attachment
BW6   BoWrench BW-6 2X Tongue and Groove Attachment
G361SP   CLC Custom Leathercraft G361 Professional UltraFlex GEL Kneepads
6873491   CLC Custom Leathercraft V6355 Easy Swivel Buckle Style Kneepads
8091944   CLC G340 Kneepad Professional Gel Kneepads
NV83A2   Coil Nailer Full Round Head, Coil, Wire Collation
NR83AA3   Framing Nailer, Clipped Head, Paper Strip Collation
AS006   GardenSharp Tool Sharpener AS006
500021   Gorilla Glue 2oz Glue Bottle
500041   Gorilla Glue 4oz Glue Bottle
500081   Gorilla Glue 8oz Glue Bottle
6205001   Gorilla Wood Glue 18oz Glue Bottle
620002   Gorilla Wood Glue 8oz Glue Bottle
G12SA3   Hitachi 4-1/2" Angle Grinder Model: G12SA3
NT50AE2   Hitachi 18-Gauge Brad Nailer
1290246   Irwin #10 Countersink #90584
6522825   Irwin 1" Speedbor Blue-Groove Woodboring Bit
3653268   Irwin 1" x 6" Speedbor Max Woodboring Bit
6175848   Irwin 1"Black Oxide Silver & Deming 1/2" Reduced Shank #91164
6522684   Irwin 1-1/2" Speedbor Blue-Groove Woodboring Bit
4677068   Irwin 1-1/2" x 6" Speedbor Max Woodboring Bit
6522668   Irwin 1-1/4" Speedbor Blue-Groove Woodboring Bit
6284624   Irwin 1-1/4" x 6" Speedbor Max Woodboring Bit
6522650   Irwin 1-1/8" Speedbor Blue-Groove Woodboring Bit
6947725   Irwin 1-1/8" x 6" Speedbor Max Woodboring Bit
6522676   Irwin 1-3/8" Speedbor Blue-Groove Woodboring Bit
9793647   Irwin 1-3/8" x 6" Speedbor Max Woodboring Bit
6009245   Irwin 1/16" Cobalt High Speed Steel
7013782   Irwin 1/2" Brad Point Bit #49618
6009559   Irwin 1/2" Cobalt High Speed Steel
5834023   Irwin 1/2" Countersink High Speed Steel
6522742   Irwin 1/2" Speedbor Blue-Groove Woodboring Bit
2332062   Irwin 1/2" x 6" Speedbor Max Woodboring Bit
4832945   Irwin 1/4" Brad Point Bit #49614
6009351   Irwin 1/4" Cobalt High Speed Steel
6523500   Irwin 1/4" Speedbor Blue-Groove Woodboring Bit
9394750   Irwin 1/8" Brad Point Bit #49612
6009286   Irwin 1/8" Cobalt High Speed Steel
6522775   Irwin 11/16" Speedbor Blue-Groove Woodboring Bit
3041016   Irwin 11/16" x 6" Speedbor Max Woodboring Bit
6009310   Irwin 11/64" Cobalt High Speed Steel
6522791   Irwin 13/16" Speedbor Blue-Groove Woodboring Bit
5105051   Irwin 13/16" x 6" Speedbor Max Woodboring Bit
6175509   Irwin 13/16"Black Oxide Silver & Deming 1/2" Reduced Shank #91152
3440450   Irwin 15 pc Cobalt Set
6522817   Irwin 15/16" Speedbor Blue-Groove Woodboring Bit
1167865   Irwin 15/16" x 6" Speedbor Max Woodboring Bit
6009328   Irwin 3/16" Cobalt High Speed Steel
6009260   Irwin 3/32" Cobalt High Speed Steel
1690056   Irwin 3/4" Countersink High Speed Steel
6522783   Irwin 3/4" Speedbor Blue-Groove Woodboring Bit
8195802   Irwin 3/4" x 6" Speedbor Max Woodboring Bit
6175491   Irwin 3/4"Black Oxide Silver & Deming 1/2" Reduced Shank #91148
3789575   Irwin 3/8" Brad Point Bit #49616
6009385   Irwin 3/8" Cobalt High Speed Steel
6522726   Irwin 3/8" Speedbor Blue-Groove Woodboring Bit
6009377   Irwin 5/16" Cobalt High Speed Steel
6523518   Irwin 5/16" Speedbor Blue-Groove Woodboring Bit
6009302   Irwin 5/32" Cobalt High Speed Steel
6009252   Irwin 5/64" Cobalt High Speed Steel
9364266   Irwin 5/8" Countersink High Speed Steel
6522767   Irwin 5/8" Speedbor Blue-Groove Woodboring Bit
5664776   Irwin 5/8" x 6" Speedbor Max Woodboring Bit
6175285   Irwin 5/8"Black Oxide Silver & Deming 1/2" Reduced Shank #91140
5701032   Irwin 7/16" Brad Point Bit #49617
6522734   Irwin 7/16" Speedbor Blue-Groove Woodboring Bit
3041015   Irwin 7/16" x 6" Speedbor Max Woodboring Bit
6009344   Irwin 7/32" Cobalt High Speed Steel
6009278   Irwin 7/64" Cobalt High Speed Steel
6522809   Irwin 7/8" Speedbor Blue-Groove Woodboring Bit
0824045   Irwin 7/8" x 6" Speedbor Max Woodboring Bit
6175822   Irwin 7/8"Black Oxide Silver & Deming 1/2" Reduced Shank #91156
6522759   Irwin 9/16" Speedbor Blue-Groove Woodboring Bit
3855467   Irwin 9/16" x 6" Speedbor Max Woodboring Bit
6175210   Irwin 9/16"Black Oxide Silver & Deming 1/2" Reduced Shank #91136
6009294   Irwin 9/64" Cobalt High Speed Steel
DDS   Kreg DDS 3-Inch No. 2 Square Driver Bit and 6-Inch No. 2 Square Driver Bit for Kreg Pocket Hole Systems
KJSCD   Kreg Jig Depth Collar w/ Allen® Wrench Model #KJSC/D
KHCLARGE   Kreg KHC-LARGE Large Face Clamp 6" Reach
KHCRAC   Kreg KHC-RAC Right Angle Clamp 90 Degree
POAK   Kreg P-OAK Oak Plugs for Pockets (50-Pack)
PPNT   Kreg P-PNT Paint Grade Plugs - 50 count
QUIKKIT   Kreg Quick-Change Pocket Hole Kit
SMLC125100   Kreg SML-C125 Self-Tapping Pocket Hole Screws
SMLC150100   Kreg SML-C150 Self-Tapping Pocket Hole Screws
SMLC250B50   Kreg SML-C250B Self-Tapping Pocket Hole Screws Blue-Kote
SMLF125100   Kreg SML-F125 Self-Tapping Pocket Hole Screws
SPSC1100   Kreg SPS-C1 Self-Tapping Pocket Hole Screws
K4   Kreg Tool K4 Pocket Hole Jig Model K4
KHCPREMIUM   Kreg Tool Kreg KHC-PREMIUM Face Clamp
KKSKBKSYS   Kreg Tool Kreg KKS-KBKSYS Bench Klamp System
R3   Kreg Tool R3 Jr. Pocket Hole Jig System
9031   Makita 1-1/8" x 21" Belt Sander (Variable Speed) Model # 9031
LS1040   Makita 10" Compound Miter Saw
TD090DW   Makita 10.8V Compact Lithium-Ion Cordless Impact Driver Kit Model TD090DW
1931575   Makita 12 Volt Nickel-Metal Hydride Battery
2012NB   Makita 12" Portable Planer
2414NB   Makita 14" Portable Cut-Off Saw Model: 2414NB
1931583   Makita 14.4 Volt Nickel-Metal Hydride Battery 1434
5402NA   Makita 16-5/16" Circular Saw (With Electric Brake)
BL1815   Makita 18 Volt 1.5 Ah LXT Lithium-Ion Batteries BL1815
BL1830   Makita 18 Volt 3.0 Ah LXT Lithium-Ion Batteries BL1830
ML180   Makita 18 Volt Flashlight Model ML180
ML183   Makita 18 Volt Fluorescent Automotive Light Model ML183
1931591   Makita 18 Volt Nickel-Metal Hydride Battery 1834
194158-6   Makita 18 Volt Nickel-Metal Hydride Battery 1834 Two (2) Pack
LCT300W   Makita 18V Compact Lithium-Ion 3-Pc. Combo Kit Model LCT300W
LXT211   Makita 18V LXT Lithium-Ion 2-Pc. Cordless Combo Hammer Drill/Impact Driver Kit Model LXT211
LXT702   Makita 18V LXT Lithium-Ion 7-Pc. Cordless Combo Kit Model LXT702
BCS550   Makita 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 5-3/8" Metal Cutting Saw Kit Model: BCS550
BML185   Makita 18V LXT Lithium-ion Rechargeable Flashlight Model BML185
BML185W   Makita 18V LXT Lithium-ion Rechargeable Flashlight Model BML185W
RF1101KIT2   Makita 2-1/4 H.P. Industrial Router Kit (Variable Speed) Model RF1101KIT2
HP2050F   Makita 3/4" Hammer Drill with L.E.D. Light Model: HP2050F
9032   Makita 3/8" Belt Sander (Variable Speed) Model # 9032
9557PB   Makita 4-1/2" Angle Grinder Model: 9557PB
9564CV   Makita 4-1/2" Angle Grinder Model: 9564CV
9557PBX1   Makita 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder Diamond Blade Combo Kit Model: 9557PBX1
5005BA   Makita 5-1/2" Circular Saw (With Electric Brake) Model: 5005BA
LS0714   Makita 7-1/2" Four Pole Slide Compound Miter Saw
5007MG   Makita 7-1/4" Magnesium Circular Saw Model 5007MG
5377MG   Makita 7-1/4" Magnesium Hypoid Saw Model 5377MG
4131   Makita 7-1/4" Metal Cutting Saw Model: 4131
ML903   Makita 9.6 Volt Flashlight Model ML903
B9000   Makita 9.6 Volt Nickel Cadmium Stick Battery Model B9000
MAC700   Makita Air Compressor - 2.0 HP Model MAC700
MAC2400   Makita Air Compressor - 2.5 HP Model MAC2400
MAC5200   Makita Air Compressor - 3.0 HP Model MAC5200
BJS130Z   Makita Bare Tool (No Battery) 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 18 Gauge Straight Shear Model: BJS130Z
BCS550Z   Makita Bare-Tool BCS550Z 18-Volt LXT 5-3/8-inch Lithium-Ion Metal Cutting Saw (Tool Only, No Battery)
BDA350Z   Makita Bare-Tool BDA350Z 18-Volt LXT 3/8-Inch Lithium Ion Cordless Angle Drill (Tool Only, no Battery)
BHR240Z   Makita Bare-Tool BHR240Z 18-Volt 7/8-inch Lithium-Ion SDS Cordless Rotary Hammer (Tool Only, No Battery)
BJR181Z   Makita Bare-Tool BJR181Z 18-Volt Cordless LXT Lithium Ion Reciprocating Saw (Tool Only, no Battery)
BJR182Z   Makita Bare-Tool BJR182Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Recipro Saw, no tool hook, no L.E.D. Light (Tool only, no Battery)
784864A   Makita Drill & Driver Set 15 pc.
6408K   Makita Electric 3/8" Drill Model # 6408K
JR3050T   Makita Electric Recipro Saw (Variable Speed) Model: JR3050T
JR3070CT   Makita Electric Recipro Saw (Variable Speed) Model: JR3070CT
3707FC   Makita Fixed Base Laminate Trimmer with L.E.D. Light Model: 3707FC
DC18RA   Makita LXT Lithium-Ion optimum charging system Model DC18RA
1222192   Makita Miter Guage for 2708
DC1822   Makita Multi-Voltage Automotive Charger
DC18SE   Makita Multi-Voltage Automotive Charger 7.2 - 18V Model DC18SE
2107FK   Makita Portable Band Saw Kit
3708FC   Makita Tilt Base Laminate Trimmer with L.E.D. Light Model: 3708FC
4329K   Makita Top Handle Jig Saw ( Variable Speed) Model: 4329K
GRTMP16   Mini-Air Nailer up to 3-1/2" Nails
B9019   Nylon Universal Bag - Black
RS501   PacTool Roof Snake Model RS501
SS210   PacTool Snapper Shear Manual Shear Model SS210
40253   PacTool Snapper Shear Replacement Blade Kit SS404, SS400
42253   PacTool Snapper Shear Replacement Blade Kit SS424, SS420
SA902   PacTool Snapper Shear Siding Gauge
SS404   PacTool Snapper Shear SS404 Fiber-Cement Shear
SS414   PacTool Snapper Shear SS414 Fiber Cement Curve Shear
SS504   PacTool Snapper Shear SS504 Cordless Fiber-Cement Shear
F250S   Positive Placement Metal Hardware Framing Nailer
F350S   Powermaster Plus Nailer
NV45AB2   Roofing Nailer, Coil, Wire Collation- Bottom Load
CRCT4   Roto Zip CRCT4 Circle Cutter Guide
CT125   RotoZip 1/8" Replacement Collet CT125
CH01   RotoZip CH01 Chuck Adapter Kit
CRCT1   RotoZip CRCT1 Circle Cutting Attachment
WD1   RotoZip WD1 Drywall Bit for Windows and Doors
XB-DW10   RotoZip XB-DW10 Xbit for Faster Drywall Cut-outs
XB-DW2   RotoZip XB-DW2 Xbit for Faster Drywall Cut-outs
XB-LF1   RotoZip XB-LF1 Xbit for Laminate Flooring
XB-MP10   RotoZip XB-MP10 Xbit Multi-Purpose Wood to Fiberglass 10 Pack
XB-MP2   RotoZip XB-MP2 Xbit Multi-Purpose Wood to Fiberglass 2 Pack
XB-UL1   RotoZip XB-UL1 Xbit for underlayment
AS002   ShearSharp Scissor Sharpener AS002
NV65AH   Siding Nailer, Coil, Wire/Plastic Sheet Collation
NV75AG   Siding/Framing Nailer, Coil, Wire/Plastic Sheet Collation
07457   Stabila 07457 Split Beam Prism
07464   Stabila 07464 Wall Bracket
7464   Stabila 07464 Wall Bracket
37416   Stabila 16" Type 196 Level w/one hand hole, 1 plumb vial
20010   Stabila 20010 End Cap
20060   Stabila 20060 End Cap

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